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Building on Strong Foundations Inspirations Campaign – Term 1

Term 1 may have come to a close for 2017 but the Building on Strong Foundations Inspirations campaign is only ramping up. Students were able to read quotes and personal mottos of ten Old Boys of the College from their posters as well as learn about them from the morning notices each week. The campaign also brought Old Boys and their families back to the College to not only view their posters but to reminisce on their time as students.

For those unable to make it during the year, the Old Boys and their quotes from Term 1 are included below:

‘Education is the empowering path to self-sufficiency.’

– Ivan Crosby –

Class of 1956

Cardiovascular Surgeon, Professor and Researcher


‘The best investment you can make is to invest in yourself’.

Warren Buffet

A favourite quote of

– Karl Morris –

Class of 1984

Board Chairman & Investment Banker/Stockbroker


An infectious energy and enthusiasm is everything, Use every minute of your life, Be an ordinary man who lives an extraordinary life.

– Matthew Cervetto –

Class of 1916

Christian Brother


‘To grasp a concept you have to work at it.’

– Mark von Itzstein –

Class of 1977

Professor of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry


‘Sport can help people re-define their lives.’

– Greg Hartung AO-

Class of 1966 & 1967

Journalist, Company Director & International Sports Administrator


‘Only an individual with persistence and dedication can make a dream come true’.

– Laurie Lawrence-

Class of 1959

Master Coach & Motivator


‘Life is an educational process, you learn every day’.

– Neil O’Sullivan-

Class of 1981

Managing Director & Global Exporter


‘Understand the value of having inspirational, hardworking and talented teachers.’

– Jacob Finlay –

Class of  2008

Music Performer & Educator


‘Destiny is reached: through a frank assessment of your own strengths and weaknesses; relentlessly playing to those strengths (including ‘doing the one-percenters’); enjoying what you do; diligently surpassing your expectations and those of others – going beyond!; not putting off to tomorrow, what you can do today; never, ever, ever giving up; remaining calm and being resilient when placed under pressure; always maintaining your integrity and self-respect; respecting everyone you encounter along the way; being grateful for what you have (and not being envious or coveting what you don’t); maintaining your health and well-being; and reciprocating the love and support given to you by family and close friends.’

– Paul Hayes –

Class of 1980

International Barrister & Australian Bobsledder


‘From quiet houses and first beginnings out to the undiscovered ends, there’s nothing worth the wear of winning but laughter and the love of friends.’

Hilaire Belloc

A favourite quote of

– Frank Hills –

Class of 1948

Man of Culture & Public Servant


Term 2 will see nine more Old Boys and their inspirational quotes on display. On behalf of the College, thank you to the Old Boys, their families and the entire community for their support of this program.




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