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Building on Strong Foundations Inspirations Campaign – Term 2

Term 3 has now commenced and the Building on Strong Foundations Inspirations campaign has seen a total of 19 Old Boy posters and quotes throughout the campus. The College has also had the pleasure of a number of Old Boys and their families returning to the College to view their posters. 

The Old Boys and their quotes from Term 2 are included below:

‘The true mark of any of the players I have played with and against is – not how you are going when you are winning, it’s when your back is against the wall
and how you are going when you are losing.’

– Dan Crowley-
Class of 1982
Former Wallaby Player & Entrepreneur

‘Attitude…We have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day… Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it…We are in charge of our attitudes’
Charles R Swindoll

A favourite quote of
– John Taske –
Class of 1957
Army Colonel, Anaesthetist & Mountaineer

They approached life with an energy and vigour that manifested itself as ambition and curiosity for the world and all it had to offer.

Excerpt from Lauries Inspirations 1

– Tony & Nick Dyer-
Class of 1938 & 1940
Businessmen & Community Builders

‘Teamwork, discipline, putting in when you don’t think your capable of putting in any more – it was one in, all in.’

– Wayne Smith-
Class of 1970
Sports Journalist & Sports Writer

The world belongs to those who think big and pay attention to detail’

– Mark Stockwell –
Class of 1980
Olympian & Businessman

‘Don’t be safe..trust me…take an educated risk and you’ll stand out from the crowd’
– Darren Gilshenan-
Class of 1984
Actor & TV Personality

‘To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.’
Alfred Lord Tennyson

A favourite quote of
– Hon Jeffrey Spender QC-
Dux of the Class of 1959
Queens Counsel &
Former Federal Court Judge

‘Success with all pathways in life is governed by dedication, commitment and personal effort.’

– Michael Lanigan –
Class of 1961
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

‘Read widely, cultivate broad interests, and when you find a field you can be passionate about, give it everything you’ve got!’

– Donald Freeman –
Class of 1959
Professor of Geography

The first Old Boy poster is already on display for Term 3 – why not come in and have a look. On behalf of the College, thank you to the Old Boys, their families and the entire community for their support of this program.




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