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Old Boy Artists

The Culture of the Arts has evolved and changed at St Laurence’s College – a fact no more evident by the calibre of the artists that leave the school. The Class of 2016 has produced some of the most talented artists to date and they are available for commissioned works. It is the College’s delight to introduce Mr Ryan Hammermeister and Mr Mitch Pascoe.

Ryan Hammermeister

My Artwork in Grade 12 was influenced by not just other artists, but my world within and my perspective of the world at large. My work reflects my internal and external self with a bold, powerful, meaningful and expressive style. My painting skill has quickly improved in a matter of a year and has definitely influenced me to continue work at home as well in the community. I am very open to do commissioned work and has had recent previous experience in commissioned art in many different mediums (drawing, painting etc.). My senior year paintings have exceedingly increased my reputation as an Artist, all thanks to the St Laurence’s College Art program and it’s amazing staff who helped me.

To commission a piece from Ryan Hammermeister, please email rhinoat24@gmail.com


Mitch Pascoe

Throughout my Laurie’s journey, I have always felt a strong feeling of home within the Arts Faculty.  Across my artwork produced throughout Grade 12, I decided to explore this relationship, as well as how my environment has affected both my inner and external self.  My final piece ‘The End’ represents my own emotions towards leaving school, through its minimalistic style and symbols of personal significance.  The house stands directly across the road from the creative precinct, a subtle building that had been present throughout my schooling career.  My practice is constantly developing in both medium and skill, as I am currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts: Visual Arts at QUT and am open to commissioned works, having experience in using graphite, ink, digital software and being flexible to clients’ requests.

To commission a piece from Mitch Pascoe, please email mitchythepascoe84@gmail.com




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