Old Boys – Ordained Priests
T. Armstrong E. Colwell
S. Boland C.S.S.R. A. Wagner
J. Brosnan J. Holyoak
V.C. Brown O.F.M. W. Dethlefs
B. Carmichael R. McKeirnan
F. Crane L. Skelly
H. Edmiston M.S.C. P. McLachlan
F. Gordon R. Kearney
K. Gorman S.S.C. J. Browne
J. Garvey M.L. van Hooft O.F.M. Cap.
V. Hogan C.S.S.R. L.J. Mooney O.S.A.
B. Kelly P.W. Byrne S.S.C.
V. Kiley P.J. Grice
W. Livington P. Hewitt
K. Luby P.J. Rooney
D. Madden O.F.M. S. Griffith
H. Mellish O.C.S.O. N. Fraser S.S.C.
W. Murphy D. Martin
M. McCann C.S.S.R. B. Procopis S.S.C.
L. O’Donohue (first – 1928) T. Collins
A. O’Hagan O.F.M. W.F. Johnson C.S.S.R.
J. O’Halloran M. McDonnell O.D.C.
B.A. Parker O.C.S.O. A. Paulsen
F. Perkins O.F.M. M. McKeaten
J. Portley M. McDonnell O.D.C.
R. Prentice O.F.M. G. Greig S.S.C.
V.J. Rowan G. Kalinowski
F. Scanlan W. van den Berg
D. Stewart K. Duivenvoorden
J.B. Quirk M. Tooma
T.A. Hegerty J. McKeon
W.T. McKeown C. Hanlon
T.P. Boland J. Gillen S.M.
E. Stapleton R. Koning S.J.
B. Burke J. Sardie
D. Long  A.J. Carroll
R. Illidge  
Old Boys – Christian Brothers
M.D. Cervetto (first OB) C.F.C.
D.F. Neylan C.F.C.
F.J. Levander C.F.C.
R.M. McGrath C.F.C.
L.L. Levander C.F.C.
J.A. Metcalfe C.F.C.
M.E. Cryan C.F.C.
K.M. Quane C.F.C.
C.P. Moloney C.F.C.
P.E. Daly C.F.C.
L.B. Hassam C.F.C.
J.C. Campbell C.F.C.
K.D. Campbell C.F.C.
L.L. Hernon C.F.C.
J.J. Hogan C.F.C.
R.G. Fredericks C.F.C.
J.J. Mooney C.F.C.
J.V. Carroll C.F.C.
P.A. Moss C.F.C.
P.B. Wilson C.F.C.
E.E. Harris C.F.C.
G.P. Murray C.F.C.
A.B. Hempenstall C.F.C.
K. McCourt C.F.C.
J. O’Leary C.F.C.
P.D. Stafford C.S.S.R.
R.A. Walters C.F.C.
G. Dean C.F.C.
B.J. Sullivan C.F.C.
J.C. Grieshaber C.F.C.
M.J. Sanderson C.F.C.
D. McMahon C.F.C.
M. Talty C.F.C.
S. Marshall S.V.D.
T. McMahon C.F.C.
D. Fleming C.F.C.




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SLOBA Committee Meeting


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SLOBA Committee Meeting


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