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Politics, Public Service and the Law

Distinguished Old Boys – Politics, Public Service and the Law

Mike Horan AM – Former Leader, Queensland National Party

Len Keogh – ALP Federal Parlimentarian

Paul Finn – Judge, Federal Court of Australia

Trevor Hartigan – Judge, Federal Court of Australia

Jeffrey Spender – Queen’s Counsel and Federal Court Judge

John Mickel  – Former Qld Speaker of the House

Condon Bryne – Former Queensland Senator

Milton Griffin – Judge of the District Court

Gerald Dawson – Former President of the Qld Trades & Labor Council

Richard Healy OBE  – Founder of the Qld Rural Fire Service

Noel Dempsey – 1977 Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Medal for Public Service 

John Dickie – Former Commonwealth Chief Censor

Darryl Briskey – Former State Member for Cleveland

Ronald Redmond – Former Qld Commissioner of Police – Queen’s Police and Australian Police Medal

Dennis Ives AO – Recognised for Services to Government and Industry

John Clifford OAM – For Service to Public Administration in the ACT

Paul Grigson – Ambassador to Thailand (2008-10); Burma (2003-4); Ambassador to Indonesia (2015-)

Daniel McEnery OBE – Foundation Member of Boystown and 26 years Chairman of the board of Mt Olivet Hospital

Cr Sean Choat – Former Member of Parliament, current Councillor for the Somermet Region