2022 Association Office Bearers Appointed

Congratulations to the following who were selected as the St Laurence's College Old Boys Association 2022 Office Bearers;

President:  Peter Wendt (1988) 

Vice-President:  Antony Raiteri (1984)

Secretary:  Michael Campbell (1972) 

Treasurer:  Chris Webster (1969) 

Registrar:   Michelle Prendergast (College)

SLC Staff Representatives:

Anthony Samios (1980)   Cameron Wigan (1995) 

Committee Members:

Di Taylor (HLM)  

Anne Moffat (AM)

John Dinnen (1978)  

Chris Skelton (1978)

Evan Sievers (1978)  

Steve Leszczynski (1996) 

John O’Brien (1998)  

Jock Scahill (2011) 

Joel Mead (2014)  

Pat Rolls (2019)