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Mid Year 2023

Principal's Address
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Principal's Address

It is with some sadness that I write to our Old Boys network. This year some very prominent past students have passed away. We were sad to hear that Peter O’Meara (1973) and Wayne Smith (1970) died recently. I also recently attended the funeral of Antony Raiteri (1984) at St Thomas Church, Camp Hill. Rat has had a significant impact on the School, the Foundation and the Association in recent years. We offer our condolences to Gail, Jonathon, Joseph, Declan and Molly. We remember all Old Boys who have passed at this time. These gentlemen and all those who have passed in the last year will be remembered at the upcoming Old Boy Memorial Mass on Sunday 27 August at 10am in the St Laurence O’Toole Chapel.

We have recently concluded the AIC Sports for Term 2. Our First XI Football finished second, yet we were able to secure six of the 12 aggregate premierships in Football. Our First IV Chess finished first and were able to secure an undefeated First XV Rugby result. This represents a fourth premiership in a row for Rugby including the Covid reduced session in 2020.

In recent years, we have allocated significant resources to upgrade the facilities at Runcorn. This has involved fencing the entire site, drop dressing the grounds and adding irrigation. We have also engaged Landscape Solutions to ensure that the fields are of a standard for each home game.

This year, we hosted the 2023 CQUniversity Confraternity Rugby League Carnival at Runcorn. 52 boys’ teams and 12 girls’ teams journeyed to our fields in the first week of the June/July school holidays. Over 200 volunteers committed to the Carnival. We have been delighted to host players and families from as far away as Charters Towers, Emerald, Roma, Cairns and Townsville. It has been a great community event. At the Annual Dinner, we were able to present our Carnival Charity, MND & Me Foundation with a pledge of $15,000 from our Walkathon. Carl Webb (former Origin great) who suffers from Motor Neurone Disease also presented $20,000 to MND and Me. Many will remember that Scott Sullivan (1989) passed away at 38 as a result of this insidious disease. His work and that of his family and Lauries’ mates began the MND and Me Foundation. This is God’s work!

During the Carnival, St Laurence’s College was able to play a match against Villanova College as a curtain raiser to the Broncos vs Titans match. I acknowledge Karl Morris (1984) as Broncos’ Chair for his support of this match. I also thank the Principal of Villanova College, Paul Begg (1987) for his support of this concept. It was good to have a close match.

A Carnival such as this would not be possible without the support of our sponsors. I would like to acknowledge our Gold Sponsors – Bidfood, Brisbane Broncos, Cleanstate Commercial Cleaning, Grassports Australia, Landscape Solutions and Rochele, our Silver Sponsors – Iguana Signs and Margin Media and our Bronze Sponsors Batch Mewing Lawyers, Brisbane Ice, Celotti Workforce, Evershine Dry Cleaners and Mitsubishi Motors.

We continue to improve the Stephens Road site with our new Master Plan. As I write this, the old deck behind the Hogan Building is being demolished to allow for a new modern undercover area to be built. This should finish for the start of the 2024 Academic year. We will also go to tender for our Stage 1 of the Master Plan which is a five-story learning faculty on the Savio precinct. This will involve two levels of car parking undergrounds and a new Administration, Library and Technology hub. We hope to begin building Term 2 of next year.

This year enrolments peaked at 1,980 students. It is a most competitive market yet we continue to welcome outstanding young men to the College. Enrolments need to be submitted two years prior to the student beginning at the College. Each year great families leave the enrolment to the last minute and miss out. I encourage all who have sons and are considering enrolment at the College to contact our Enrolments Registrar should they need further information. At present, we are calling for applications for Year 5, 2025. Further details are available on our website.

We are also embarking on a new Strategic Plan to being next year. At the heart of our strategy is our Catholic Mission. Consultation with key stakeholders has begun and I thank all for their involvement in this important process.

At the College we continue to do all that we can to maintain a vibrant, life-giving community. I thank each Old Boy for their continued support and look forward to an exciting future.

Chris Leadbetter

College Principal

President's Address

It is amazing how quickly the time goes. Already more than half way through the year and so much has happened and changed. You will have noticed the first change, our approach and format of the newsletter. We made the decision to change the way we do our newsletters and make them more digital in nature. We hope you like the new format. It gives us greater flexibility and saves a significant amount of production time. A more "traditional" pdf/html format will still be available along with past issues. 

This year we have had the traditional Old Boys & Community Concert, the AGM, Woody Cup fixtures, Back to Runcorn Day, completed 2 SLConX sessions and we have the Reunion Weekend to look forward to at the end of August. We continue to provide support through SLOBACare, and engaged with the College on numerous events such as ANZAC Day and the College Open Day. 

Financially, we are in a very sound position. We have formed a sub-committee to review possible revenue stream options to become more self sufficient in future years. A submission will be presented to the College leadership in the early new year. We invested in some Old Boy caps for purchase and a new marque tent to be used at Old Boy functions. Its first use was out at Back to Runcorn Day. We will also make a further year end donation to Mater @Home as part of their continued support of SLOBACare.

You will read in Chris' update the continued development of the South Brisbane campus. It is a very exciting time to see the growth of the College. I watched with interest some of the Confraternity Rugby League Carnival hosted at Runcorn during the last school holidays. What struck me most apart from the fine effort by the First XIII, was how well the fields looked on the live stream. The Old Boys stairs were also a prominent feature point for the post carnival ceremonies and reconfirmed my view they are a great addition to Runcorn.  

Back to Runcorn was another hugely successful day. Thank you to those who made it to Runcorn for the function and to support the various matches taking place. There is a separate report on the day, but I would like to thank all those in attendance, the support provided was exceptional. To our touch and football teams, thank you as both matches were a joy to watch. We also thank Marist Ashgrove, Dom and John from their Association, for their continued support of the event. It is a lot of fun and both Associations really enjoy the experience.

August also marks the end of an era with Eddie Wallace hanging up the whistle as Director of Sport at the College. I want to share two events that demonstrate how supportive Eddie has been of the Old Boys. Many will not know this, but Eddie was the primary driver in establishing the Woody Cup. We may have come up with the name, but it was Eddie who approached the Old Boys with the concept. A significant expansion and commitment over and above the one or two sports with existing matches between the College and the Old Boys. Now into its 7th year, the value of this Cup cannot be underestimated. Secondly, when we put forward a proposal to hold Back to Runcorn Days with Old Boy football and touch matches, it was Eddie who made it happen. The day against Ashgrove is the single biggest day on the calendar with all sporting teams playing at the same location. To be able to accommodate us is a testament to Eddies skilful management and support. Thank you Eddie and all the best. 

Lastly, we have recently lost a number of Old Boys who have made significant contributions to both the Association, the Community and their chosen professions. There is a special piece on Antony "Rat" Raiteri (1984) in this newsletter. Rat was a serving committee member and up until this year had served 6 years as Vice President. You can read the Vale to Rat but I will sign off by saying this, his contribution to the Old Boys cannot be underestimated. He leaves behind a lasting legacy which we will make sure continues. 

Thank You. We miss you Rat. 

Peter Wendt (1988)

Association President

Foundation Chair Address

The St Laurence’s Old Boys Foundation invests the donations it receives from Old Boys and from the rest of our growing donor community, and, from the earnings of those investments, each year provides a fee bursary gift to the College. This gift contributes to the College’s fee bursary program providing help for boys whose families are facing financial hardship so those boys can commence and/or continue at St Laurence’s College.

 In 2022, the Foundation’s Gift to the College was again $80,000 with this money used by the College in 2023 to assist financially disadvantaged families in our Lauries community. College Principal, Chris Leadbetter, has provided a summary to the Foundation Board of how the funds were used. The 2022 Foundation Gift provided $5,000 fee bursaries to 16 families doing it tough, comprising boys from refugee families (4), boys from indigenous families (3), boys with deceased parents (2), sons of Old Boys (2) and other financially disadvantaged students (5).

These boys were only able to be helped because of our donors. Since 2006 those donors have now helped the Foundation to gift $655,000 to the College, thus providing financial help to around 130 boys and their families to enable those boys to have their Lauries Journey, just as you Old Boys and I had. Together, we will be able to continue to help more and more boys into the future.

As many of you know all too well, we recently lost Antony “Rat” Raiteri (1984). While he died far too young (just 56), Antony was the epitome of a Lauries man, and his generosity of spirit touched many. He was a great supporter of the College and the Association and was also a Trustee of the Foundation for over five years during which time I had the great pleasure of getting to know him. If you would like to make a donation to the Foundation in Antony’s name we will keep track of those donations in the Foundation’s corpus in what will be named the “Antony Raiteri (1984) Bursary Fund”.

In closing, with the continuing support of Old Boys such as yourselves the Foundation will in turn be able to continue its Mission of helping financially disadvantaged boys to have their Lauries Journey. If you would like to help deliver that Mission, donations can be made via the online payment portal here or please contact Helen Turner at the Development Office on development@slc.qld.edu.au or (07) 3010 1178.


Professor Emeritus Allan Layton (1971)

Chairman, St Laurence’s Old Boys Foundation

Vale - Anthony Raiteri (1984)
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Vale - Anthony Raiteri (1984)

On the 25th of May this year, the Old Boys' lost one of its most passionate, dedicated sons, Anthony "Rat" Raiteri (1984). Rat was an integral part of the Committee for many years and served the last 6 years as Vice-President. 

Rat was a gifted sportsman in his youth, cruelly cut short by injury. College Vice-Captain in 1984, First XI Cricket and First XV Rugby and many would say a budding male model. With a lift long occupation dedicated to Sealy.

Rat was a man of integrity, compassion, principled and above all a passion for life and Lauries. He was always there to lend a helping hand and never afraid to question. He was someone who never forgot where he came from and what it meant to be a Lauries Old Boy.

If you watch the SLOBACare video you will know what I mean. And true to form, Rat never saw the final version until it was presented at the Memorial Mass. It was very emotional for him seeing it for the first time.

He was an ideas man and always pushing the boundaries on what could be achieved. You just had to make sure you didn't get him to implement those ideas, that was not his forte. The Old Boys Stairs at Runcorn was his vision - he able to convince the Committee they were needed. They will be a lasting legacy to his love of the College. 

Rat will be missed but never forgotten. His loss has been very hard for all of us to process and it won't be the same without him but he has left a lasting legacy that we should appreciate and embrace. Thank You Rat.

Peter Wendt (1988) - President

Old Boy Recognition & Awards

Todd Harris (1988)

All we missed this one at the back end of last year.

Congratulations to Todd  on being awarded the Public Service Medal (PSM). Todd is CEO of Stadiums Queensland. The PSM was awarded to Todd for his outstanding public service in delivering Queensland's Sporting and Major Events, particularly during the COVID19 pandemic. 

Stadiums Queensland is responsible for the Gabba, Nissan Arena, CBus Super Stadium, Suncorp Stadium, Sleeman Sports Complex, Metricon, Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Qld Tennis Centre and Qld Country Bank Stadium. 

Peter O'Meara (1973)

Peter (decd), on the 22 March received the Papal Order of Knighthood from the Vatican -The Knight Commander's Cross of the Order of St Gregory the Great, from Pope Francis through Sydney's Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP. This is the fourth highest award that is presented by the Vatican. Peter's contribution to the church has obviously been recognised by Pope Francis. 

Many of you would know Peter, or "Beak" as he was fondly known, through his involvement with Souths Rugby, the QRU and his role in establishing the Western Force Rugby as their inaugural CEO. Unfortunately Peter was fighting a debilitating and aggressive form of Motor Neurone Disease and sadly passed away a short time later. RIP Peter.

Andrew Kendall (1984)

Congratulations to Andrew on being awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM). Andrew's OAM is awarded for service to the Community through a range of organisations.

The award recognises Andrew's leadership and contribution to a range of organisations over many years including the Australian Bravery Association, Australian Bravery Foundation, National and State Futsal teams and the Independent Schools Soccer Association in Brisbane. It also acknowledges his leadership as principal of St Joseph’s School, Stanthorpe and his time as a leader and educator at Lauries. Congrats Andrew, a big supporter and driver of Football at Lauries. 

Police Memorial unveiled

The Queensland Police Service officially unveiled a permanent memorial honouring Constables Rachel McCrow and Old Boy Matthew Arnold (2013) outside the Miles Police station in March.

Dennis Mellican (1988)

Congratulations to Dennis on receiving a number of awards at this year's Astrophotographer of the Year Awards. Dennis picked up a Bronze Award in the "Solar System" category for his First Quarter Moon image and a Silver in the "Timelapse" category for his Star Turtle Trails of North West Island. 

Rowan Crothers (2015)

Congratulations to Rowan on being selected in the Australian Para Swim Team for the World Championships to be held in Manchester from 31 July to 6 August. 

Peter "Doubles" Daley Medal

During this years AIC Rugby Program a significant initiative between the QRU and AIC was announced involving our own Peter "Doubles" Daley (1974)After every AIC 1st XV match each team selects their opponents Best and Fairest player, those players receive the medal at the after match function.

Congratulations to Finn Mackay (SLC) and Ben Addley (Villa), both pictured with the man himself, were awarded the Best and Fairest Medals after a keenly contested derby between the 2 teams. This medal will be a permanent addition to AIC Rugby program.

John Bryant (2020)

Congratulations to John Bryant (2020) who was selected in the Junior Wallabies Squad which took part in the World Under 20's Championship in South Africa recently. A side that beat New Zealand twice in 3 matches this year. Also in the side is son of Old Boy Simon Craig (1989), Max Craig. 

Ryan Jackson (2021)

Congratulations to Ryan Jackson (2021) on being selected in the Queensland U19 Rugby League team. Ryan is also currently contracted to the Dolphins in the NRL. 

Mikael Ibrahim (2022)

Congratulations to Mikael Ibrahim on being named in the Queensland Under 18 Emerging Origin Rugby League team in April.

Old Boy & Community Concert

The Annual Old Boys and Community Concert was again held at St Ignatius  Toowong. A highlight on the event calendar which also raises valuable funds

You can check out the full video here.

Back to Runcorn Day

Another successful Back to Runcorn Day was held on Saturday 3 June. It was a fantastic turn our of Old Boys to support the College as it took on Ashgrove in Football and Rugby. 

Thanks to the Ashgrove Old Boys for again being a part of the day which included Old Boy matches in Football and Touch. The day would not be the success it is without their support. For the record, we won the Old Boy aggregate on the say 6-2 to retain the Challenge Shield. The Football match was an extremely skilful affair with both sides constantly peppering the goals. The end result was 1-1. The Touch team came out firing with a couple of early tries and never looked back. Again, both teams displayed some exceptional skill and always difficult to adjust playing 10 a-side on a full field. All 4 teams stayed around to welcome on the respective Firsts teams which was a nice gesture.

Thanks also to the Football First XI teams of 1983 and 1993 and Rugby First XV teams of 1963, 1973, 1983 and 1993 for their attendance at the Lunch. Again, thanks to Marist Ashgrove for being part of the event. 

Old Boy Theatre Sports Competition


SLConX is an important program on the calendar. Now into its second year, SLConX is designed to create career connections between Old Boys and current students at the College. 

Session 1 - Emergency & Defence Services

Session 1 held on 14 March saw over 120 in attendance for the first SLConX session of the year. The boys heard from Craig Rickards (1987) on Defence, Brett Taylor (1990) on the Police Service, Jackson Cooley (2015) on Paramedic and Mitch Tinsley (2018) on Fire Services. Thanks also to Vice President John "Jobby" O'Brien (1998) for representing the Association. 

(L-R: Jobby, Brett, Craig, Jackson, Mitch and Adam Firman)

Session 2 - Trades

Session 2 held on 30 May saw over 100 attend to find out about different trade careers. The boys heard from Craig Larsen (1991) on Mechanical, Alex Easterby (2014) on Carpentry, George Koulouris (2008) on Electrical and Gerard Robinson (1993) on Plumbing. Thanks also to Hayden Seng (2023) for representing the Association.

(L-R - Hayden, Gerard, George, Craig, Alex and Paul Moscos (1999) from the College Careers team).

Session 3 - Allied Health Services

Session 3 will be held on Thursday 10 August covering Allied Health Services. We will have a full rundown in our year end newsletter.

Old Boys Out & About

2022 Cohort Event

It was great to see over 150 of our newest Old Boys gather at the College for their cohort event. It was a good opportunity to catch up and talk about what old times and what the future holds. Thanks to those Old Boys and current Seniors for managing the BBQ.

Future Leaders Institute Lunch in April

The Futures Institute held its Queensland Finance Leaders Lunch in April. Speakers included Old Boy Leon Allen (1983) who is the Chief Executive Officer, Queensland Treasury Corporation. Moderator for the event was fellow Old Boy Chris Rogan (1990) who is the Brisbane Managing Partner at PwC. Also in attendance in his capacity as the Head of Fiscal at Queensland Treasury, was another Old Boy, William Ryan (1984).

Some high powered Old Boys right there.

L-R: Leon, Chris and William.

Study into Adolescents engaging in Collision Sports

Dr Felix Leung (2005) a clinical and research physiotherapist at Griffith (also Physio for the First XV) is undergoing a year long study that follows adolescents in collision sports to examine individual susceptibility and the ways to improve management of young athletes following concussion. He and the College featured on Channel 9 in April talking about the study and the role Lauries students are playing in the research. 

Singapore Business Review Technology Awards 2023

Singapore based Michael Lees (1988), is Chief Operating Officer of Rajah & Tann Technologies. Recently they were awarded the Legal Tech - Legal Award at the 2023 SBR Technology Excellence Awards.You can check out the video here of Michael explaining what Rajah & Tann do in the technology space to compliment legal services.

Michael pictured on the left. 

Click here to hear Michael speak

TedX talks

This year Paul Catchlove (1996) delivered his first TedX talk on "The habit that could improve your career".

Paul is Knowledge Senior Director at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), where he leads the global knowledge team for the firm's transformation, turnaround and restructuring business. Prior to his time at BCG, he worked as a corporate mergers and acquisitions lawyer, a Catholic priest and a professional opera singer.

Check out Paul's Ted Talk

The No Bang Theory

Oliver Hetherington-Page (2015) is performing his one man cabaret The No Bang Theory which is returning to The Diane Cilento Studio at Queensland Theatre on August 4 and 5. The show deals with his journey to an autism diagnosis largely centred at the years he attended Lauries. 

Click here for further information.

Lauries Old Boys well represented 

In April at the Australian Track and Field Championships, Lauries Old Boys were well represented. Oscar Miers (2019) competed in the Long Jump; Jack Salcedo (2018) in the Open 800m and 1500m events; Flynn Pumpa (went SLC in primary) compete in the U20 3000m steeplechase).

SLOB Running Group

The SLOB Running Group is underway, set up by our own VP John "Jobby" O'Brien (1998). If you are interested join the the Facebook group by clicking the link below. It currently has 80+ members.

Click here to join

Doug Fraser

Whilst not an Old Boy, we can claim Doug Fraser as one of our own. Doug taught at Lauries for 27 years and is widely respected by the Old Boys. In April Doug was awarded the National Service Medal by the Governor General of Australia for his services to the North Stradbroke Island Volunteer Marine Rescue. Congrats Doug.

Doug pictured centre with his medal. 

Sarg spotted in Maroochydore 

Darren Nolan (1986) spotted former staff member Neil Eiby at the ANZAC Day breakfast at the local Maroochy RSL. Sarg was a well known and liked member of staff member from 1984 - 1994. 

Another successful bout navigated

Congratulations to Jack Bowen (2013) on another successful bout as the headline event in Melbourne recently against his highly skilled Kiwi opponent. 

Hostplus Rugby League Debut

Congratulations to Jordan Morel (2012) who this year made his debut refereeing in the Rugby League Hostplus Cup. Jordan's brother Nick (2004) is a touch judge in the NRL. 

L to R: Nick, Jordan

Woody Cup

Paul "Woody" Forrester Cup XII

It is hard to believe we are into the 7th edition of the Woody Cup. It is again live and well in 2023. To date contests have been completed in Cricket, Volleyball, Swimming and Cross Country. Currently all tied up at 2-2.

Cricket (W) - another solid effort from the team. The Old Boys chased down 202 with 11 balls remaining (40 over per side match). 

Volleyball (W) - A very committed Old Boys team managed to sneak the win 2-1.

Swimming (L) - was another close run event with the College prevailing.

Cross Country (L) - our biggest Old Boy turn out for the event to date, so thank you. We did go down 36-45 (lowest total wins).

Tennis (W) - A great win by the lads 5-3 to keep ahead of the students

A big shout out to Director of Sport, Eddie Wallace, for his vision in bringing about this concept. It will be a lasting legacy. Eddie is stepping down from his role in August and from all the Old Boys who have gained such pleasure in participating in the Cup, we say THANK YOU. 

College Update


Calling all Old Boy Singers! The College is excited to offer two opportunities to join us in song:

  1. The Big Brotherhood is singing with the Cathedral Choir at St. Stephen’s Cathedral on 30 July at the 10am mass. The event is part of the 120th anniversary celebrations of the Cathedral. Part of the mass is the Widor mass for two choirs and two organs which is huge fun to sing. Rehearsal tracks and music can be sent to those interested.
  2. On 27 August, there is an Old Boys Memorial Mass. This is held each year for Old Boys who have passed away. Traditionally Old Boys come to lead the singing at the mass.

If anyone is interested in either (or both) opportunities, please contact Dr Anthony Young on ayoung@slc.qld.edu.au. 


Applications are now open for sons of Old Boys' who would like to commence at the College in Year 5, 2025. For further information and to submit your application, click HERE or the below image.

College Sporting Update

It has been a very successful period for the College Sporting program. First premierships in AFL (joint with Ashgrove), Chess (2nd time in 3 years) and Rugby (4 in a row). It is a testament to outgoing Director of Sport, Eddie Wallace, on his hard work and dedication to the sports program. The Old Boys' would like to thank Eddie for his years of support and willingness to accommodate our many requests. Eddie was a key driver in making the Woody Cup happen and has been integral to allowing us to have our Back to Runcorn events. Eddie leaves with a lasting legacy that we thank him for and wish him all the best in the future. 

Apart from a successful AIC program to date, the College was proud to host the 2023 Confraternity Rugby League Carnival during the last school holiday break. The First XIII had a very successful carnival eventually finishing runners up in Division 2. The highlight for the boys was probably playing Villanova in a curtain raiser to the Broncos v Titans game the Sunday afternoon prior to the commencement carnival. 

College Sports Lunch

The inaugural Lauries Sports Lunch held at the Greek Club last Friday proved to be a hit for all in attendance.

Many were thoroughly entertained by special guests Mal Meninga, Simon Black, Stephen Moore, Mark Connors (1988) and MC Ben Dobbins.

It was also great to see some amazing raffle and live auction prizes won in the support of the College's sport program!

Thank you to everyone who made the event possible and we can't wait for a bigger and better Sports Lunch in 2024.

AIC Sporting Results 1st Team Aggregate Comments
St Peter's Aggregate winners
1st Premiers - Ashgrove; Aggregate - Ashgrove
Joint with Ashgrove
1sts Premiers - St Peter's; Aggregate -Iona
St Peter's Aggregate winners
Cross Country
Iona Aggregate winners
1sts Premiers - Iona
Iona Aggregate winners

Cultural Update

Check out some more photos from Brotherhood's performance at the Pemulwuy Festival in QPAC!

Year 12 student Joshua Sephton has been successful in his audition for the National Youth Wind Ensemble of Scotland. Joshua will represent Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University through Open Conservatorium at this prestigious instrumental wind band program.

This unique program will afford Joshua as one of our Australian student ambassadors to join over 60 Scottish and International students at NYWE - Scotland and the opportunity to work with various conductors and tutors in one of the world's leading Art's Universities.

Nagle House won the College Choir Competition

Music Program

The Music Program still has a lot happening in the next few months especially in August with the Qld Catholic Colleges Music Festival;

  • Monday 17 – Friday 21 July | LIZID Music Festival
  • Monday 17 July - Jazzin’ Up the Mall (String Orchestras 1 & 2, Concert Bands 1 & 2, Big Bands 1 & 2)
  • Wednesday 19 July - Jazzin’ Up the Mall (String Orchestra 3, Concert Band 3, Big Band 3)
  • Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 July - Intermediate Music Camp 
  • Wednesday 2 August - Year 5 Music Night (All Year 5 Ensembles)
  • Friday 4 August - Music Trivia Night
  • Monday 14 August – Vocal Recital 
  • Thursday 17 – Sunday 20 August - Queensland Catholic Colleges Music Festival
  • Thursday 24 August - Strictly Strings Concert
  • Friday 25 August - Band Blast Concert
  • Tuesday 29 August - Choral & Guitar Concert

The Origin of School Colours

School Colours and Origin

The below is an extract from the latest edition of the Ashgrovian which provides a fascinating insight into how school colours came about. Below we focus on AIC schools and 2 well known TAS schools St Columban’s and De La Salle College and now closed Marist Rosalie.

It is kindly re-printed here with the permission of the Ashgrove Old Boys Association. Thanks to their committee member John O’Hare for his meticulous research.


Schools have distinctive colours by which to be identified.  Schools also feature other symbols such as a coat  of arms, crest or heraldic  shield.  While the rivalry between schools is played out, the importance of representing, achievement and excellence are instilled in the tradition of school colours with all students proudly supporting them throughout their school lives.

Marist Ashgrove

Marist College Ashgrove was founded in 1940. It was initially called St Mary’s College, so it was important to recognise Mary in selecting its colours. MCA’s colours have always been Royal Blue and Gold. Mary, as Queen of Heaven would be appropriately recognised. This was a departure from the Cerise and Blue that had become synonymous with Marist schools (Rosalie below and Joeys in Sydney for example). Why Cerise and Blue? The reasons were religious, the blue being the traditional colour of Our Lady and the cerise being associated with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

 Around the world there is a history of other Marist Colleges adopting Royal Blue and Gold. MCA archivist, Kieran Donnelly advised: “Marists had a tradition of pairing Marian Blue and twelve gold stars as a crown for Mary. It has been theorized that the stars apply to both the twelve patriarchs of the tribes of Israel (original people of God) and the twelve apostles (renewed people of God).

There was a green light for the adoption of Royal Blue and Gold for Ashgrove in 1940 as there would be no clash with any school it would be competing with in Metropolitan Catholic Schools sport. One of the MCSA competition heavyweights then was St Columban’s CBC at Albion Heights who wore Sky Blue, Navy Blue and Gold and were easily distinguishable.


Neighbouring Marist College  Rosalie  was established in 1929 and fittingly claimed Cerise  and Blue colours. It was the first Marist school in Queensland and was adjacent to the Sacred Heart Church. So naturally its colours where always going to be Cerise and Blue. Unfortunately Rosa closed in 2008. But the spirit of the College continues through annual events held by Marist Ashgrove.

Christian Brothers' Colleges

Many Christian Brothers’ Schools wear the ‘Blue and White’ sporting colours as a tribute to Our Lady. In Brisbane, before Nudgee College existed, St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace (est 1875) wore the colours that Nudgee wears today- Blue and White. Nudgee was formed in 1891 when the boarders were sent there from the City. Christian Brothers’ Colleges throughout Queensland such as St Edmund’s Ipswich, St Mary’s Toowoomba, St Patrick’s Gympie, St Patrick’s Mackay, Our Lady’s Mount in Townsville and Mt Carmel, Charters Towers included Blue and White in their colours.

In Brisbane, it was necessary for the other Christian Brothers’ Colleges to choose alternative colours to avoid clashing in competition sport. Many have queried why St James’ College  at Fortitude Valley, and established in 1868 wore Maroon and Gold and not Blue and White at their inception? Simply, St James’ was under  lay administration for the first 25 years  of its existence, and was not handed over to the Christian  Brothers until 1893, largely because of the major economic depression of the time and the Government’s refusal to pay staff wages. St James’ motto is ‘Faithful Forever’.


We were founded in 1915 and competed in the GPS Association for ten years, from 1918-1927. Our original colours were green and white as a nod to Ireland and there were some matching uniforms with other schools at St Patrick’s Day Marches and Sports Days. A white outfit was worn with a green sash for marches. There was a train of thought that Lauries looked  too much  like BBC who wore green, white and black. The decision was accepted for Black and Gold to be the new SLC colours in 1937. 

St Columban's College

St Columban’s at Albion Heights (est 1928) selected the colours Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Gold and have retained those colours when they relocated to Caboolture in 1996 as a co-ed school. 

St Patrick's College

St Patrick’s Shorncliffe was founded in 1952 and fittingly adopted Green and Gold. Its motto  is “Certa Bonum Certamen”- Fight the Good  Fight. 

St Edmunds College

St Edmund’s situated at Ipswich 1892, still retains the Blue and White colours. Its motto  is “Possunt Quia Posse Videntur”-They Can Because They See They Can.

Villanova College

Villanova College was established at Whinstanes in 1948. The Augustinian community there maintained the Green and Gold tradition of their schools when they voted  in Australia’s colours of green and gold. It was reported that the Australian cricket  team  was the first national  sporting team  to don the green and gold back  in 1899 even though they weren’t officially established as Australia’s sporting colours until 1984. Up to then, it was quite confusing to non-Australians that green and gold was preferred to the Australian flag’s red, white and blue palette. Amusingly, legend has it that Fr Kieran O’Shea voted for Green and Gold as they were also Kerry (Ireland) colours! Villanova moved to its Coorparoo site in 1954. Its motto Vincit Veritas-Truth Conquers. St Augustine’s in Manly Vale, Sydney would become Green, Gold and Red. The community there  added the red to distinguish from Villanova.

Iona College

Iona is an island off the west coast of Scotland where in circa 6th century, St Columba established a monastery after leaving Ireland and used it as a missionary base for converting Scotland to Christianity. It became a significant  place of Christian  pilgrimage during medieval times and still is today. Archbishop James Duhig’s dream was for a school called Iona College. Iona College, Lindum was established in 1958.

 The crest of the school was chosen through a collaboration between Oblate Father Long (Foundation Headmaster) and the Coadjutor Archbishop of Brisbane, Archbishop Patrick Mary O’Donnell. Patrick O’Donnell and Tim Long were schoolmates at the Jesuit Secondary College in Limerick, Ireland. Fr Long chose the O’Donnell coat of arms for the crest of the school. While this gesture honoured his friend, it also cemented a bond between the Archbishop, who would succeed Duhig, and Iona College for the future.

The colours of the school were based on Fr Long and Archbishop O’Donnell’s old high school- Mungret College- in Ireland. Its colours were black, white and a little red. It was likely Fr Long dropped the red in deference to St Joseph’s Gregory Terrace colours in Brisbane. The Latin motto  of the school “In Hoc Signo Vinces” is a Latin phrase meaning “In this sign you will conquer.” The motto  is in fact an explanation of the school crest which is part of the O’Donnell coat of arms given to the school by Archbishop O’Donnell.

Padua College

Padua College at Kedron was established in 1956 by the Franciscans. The College name was given by the Franciscan Friars after St Anthony of Padua. Its motto  is “Deus Meus et Omnia”- My God and My All. Padua’s colours are Brown, Gold and White. Brown is the colour of what St Francis  of Assisi called ‘mother Earth’; Gold ‘brother  sun’ whose heat  and light make  all things  grow and flourish; and White symbolises the Resurrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who liberates us from the darkness of evil.

De La Salle College

De La Salle College at Scarborough was founded in 1955

by the De La Salle Brothers. DLS colours were Scarlet (Cardinal), Blue, Gold. It joined with Frawley College, Soubirous College  (est 1951) and St Bernadette’s to become Southern Cross College  in 1995. The De La Salle motto  was “Quid Vult Deus”-What God Wants.  The Southern Cross College  motto  is Seek  the Light and its colours became Blue, Red, Green  and White.

Save the Date

Still some significant events taking place in the second half of the year. Please check the Old Boys website and socials for more details.

College Trivia Night

TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE! Check out the link here: https://SLC2020.sales.ticketsearch.com/.../salesevent/111547

Come along to the Music Department’s annual fundraising trivia night. Join new and old friends and dress up to suit our theme “Out of this World”. There will be prizes for trivia winners, best dressed and best decorated tables.

Brush up on your general trivia skills and yes, there will be a music specific round for our music buffs.

BYO food and drink.

Soft drinks and snacks will be available for purchase on the night.

Old Boys Caps now available

Old Boys Caps

We are pleased to announce we now have 2 Old Boys caps available for purchase. Caps are $25 each and will be available for sale during the course of our Old Boys events. The next opportunity will be the Reunion Weekend on 26-27 August. 

Mater Volunteer Opportunities

St Laurence's College Old Boys' Association is proud to partner with Mater at Home in the delivery of our SLOBACare initiative. Mater Volunteers is currently in urgent need of help to assist with over 30 different roles throughout the hospitals, including as a Patient Transport Driver. Such roles provide door to door transport for vulnerable patients. Should you wish to join other Old Boy volunteers including Richard Dickson (1977, pictured), The role requirements include: 

  • A current open Driver’s licence
  • Aged between 26-73 years for insurance and risk management purposes
  • Clean traffic history check - no offences in last 5 years
  • Able to commit to the same weekly shift for a minimum of 6 months 

Please click here to apply or call 3163 5115 (Monday-Wednesday) for more information. 

Our Story

At the College, we believe it is important to acknowledge the history of our great school and the achievements of past students. Recently an 'Our Story' section was introduced into the Library. This space is dedicated to the great stories of our school, providing a place for students to immerse themselves in the stories of others.

Should you have an auto-biography, biography or non-fiction book you have written and would like to contribute to the collection, please contact Helen Turner on 07 3010 1178 or slcoldboys@slc.qld.edu.au.

Service History & Archives Request


The Old Boys’ Association endeavours to ensure our past and present serviceman records are up to date. If you have completed (or are currently in) active service for our country, please email your service details to College at slcoldboys@slc.qld.edu.au. All details will be updated on the online listing available to view HERE as soon as possible.


The College is on the hunt for any pieces of memorabilia pertaining to our great school. If any Old Boys would like to gift or lend an item for display during the year (for example school jackets, photos or memorabilia) please contact the College on (07) 3010 1105 or archive@slc.qld.edu.au


Name Alumni Year Connections
John Patrick Toohey
Grandfather to Liam (current student) and uncle to Alan (1978), Brian (1976), Noel (1979) and Paul (1981) plus great uncle to Brendan (2006)
Murray Spranklin
Brother of Francis (1962) and Patrick (1964), uncle of Luke (1993) and great-uncle of Adam (current student)
Neil Cush
Laurence Mooney
John Schacht
Peter North
Brother of Anthony (1961) and Michael (1967)
John Cerbaucich (Kerr)
Rod Casey
Brother of Chris (1970)
Hon. Paul Finn
Peter O'Connor
Trevor Griffin
John Foster
Ross Walters
Peter Shepherd
Brother of Jim (1965)
John Shaw
Father of Peter (1999), Brian (2002) and Mitchell (2004) plus grandfather to Mason (current student)
Desmond McGrath
Neil Radford
Brother of Robert (1969) and Paul (1971)
Peter (Doubles) Daley
Ian Cameron
Brother of Michael (1979)
Mark Ramage
Brother of Paul (1985)

Thank you for reading the mid-year edition of On College Hill. Should you have any feedback or wish to contribute to future editions, please contact the SLOBA Registrar at slcoldboys@slc.qld.edu.au.